Interview with Ms LV Jayashree, Director, Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu

SPASTN empowers and enables disabled people to reach their full potential through Education, Training and Employment. Our activities begin with awareness-creation; go on to the screening of newborn babies in Primary Health Centers and Government Hospitals. Offer a wide range of services to parents of disabled children from special schools to Integration/ Inclusive education systems and job-orientated training programmes. Promote self-help groups. Focus strongly on improving access for the disabled by promoting a barrier free environment.



Interview with Nagaraj, Arun, Rajesh, and Sridhar – Cofounders of iSpark Innovation


iSpark innovations is an organization incubated to cater to the learning needs of children strives to convert education into fun.  iSpark stands for sparking the joy of learning intuitively.  The Learning Toy, DolphiO is iSpark’s flagship product and is child’s learning companion.  iSpark features Ii) a lovely dolphin-shaped device with child-friendly design, (ii) Built-in MP3 player and recorder, OCR module, (iii) Built-in Software and USB charging port that also allows user to download fresh content via Internet, and (iv) set of specially printed books with alphabets, nursery rhymes, language lessons, stories. iSpark products can be shopped online at