Educational Aids

Educational Aids

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Pen Type Stylus
 A stylus which looks just like a pen and can be put in your shirt pocket. The tip of the pen works like the stylus tip of any other stylus.
A simple device for mathematical calculations. 15 vertical bars & frame 90mm x 60mm. 
Algebra Type (Metal)
Taylor Mathematical

  • Small  
  • Large  

Learn Time Clock
Made of plastic, this is a must to teach a child how to see the time. 
Braille t Board
It's a favourite Braille learning tools for kids. It is made of 3 rows and 10 cells and is accompanied by 180 metal pegs to make different words or sentences.
Drawing Board
This board helps to make raised diagrams instantly using ordinary pen or stylus using an ordinary paper
with one side net
(A4 size)
Letter Cube
A little cube help the child learn  Braille in a very exciting way. It's a three sectioned rectangular cube which can be rotated to form any letter. Read More
Word Forming Block
A plastic piece of block to make children learn 5 or 8 letter words.

  • 5-Letter
  • 8-Letter

Alphabet Trainer
It's a bright coloured plastic plate which has Braille letters embossed and the English letters are engraved.
Word Building Kit
This kit has 60 plastic pieces of alphabets in Braille and in English that can be interlocked to form words. 
Geometry Set
This kit has Set of 30º & 45º Set squares, Compass, Scale-15 cms & Protractor packed in plastic box.
Geometry Set
This kit has set of 30º & 45º Set squares, Compass, Scale-30 cms & Protractor.


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