Early Stimulation Kit

Early Stimulation Kit

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Products that stimulate the use and development of vision in infancy should always consider the overall developmental goals of the infant's age. Vision develops naturally through the first years of life as infants use their vision successfully to explore and understand their environment. The products are developed as a package to help infants with vision impairment achieve major developmental milestones by using materials that are attractive and easy for them to see, in spite of severe vision impairment. The toys are attractive and useful to all babies and stay a favourite through the first two years of life.


SALES PACKAGE Babydoll, Easy Hold Ball, Face Puppet, Glove Puppet, Playmat



Play Mat: made of towel material and given a high contrast border, the play mat incorporates different elements likely to catch the infant's eye across a range of eye conditions that can impair infant vision. It serves at the same time as a way of assessment of visual interest and ability and as a way to develop and promote visual exploration.  

Face Puppet: attention and interest to face and a growing attention to the distant environment are key milestones that drive social, emotional and motor development. Visual attention is easily attracted with the broad stripes on one side and then held with the face on the other. The high contrast edges are stitched allowing the infant to touch and confirm the possibly hazy visual information - a key step in helping the infant learn to make sense of the world visually.  

Glove  Puppet :  the infant should now learn to attend and recognize smaller objects. The glove comes with a detachable face - a smaller version of the familiar large face. Simple rhymes and songs wearing the glove helps the infant practice sustained visual attention, attention to smaller items, following moving objects and many other visual goals. The White glove has a little velcro patch allowing the adult to provide contrast and a non-cluttered background to other toys with which the child likes to play

Easy Hold Ball: The ball is a favourite and compliments the black and white materials with bold contrasting colours and textures, providing the infant with easy to hold contours to explore. The light ball with infant sized dips and curves, allow the infant to effortlessly grasp and move the ball even if their motor skills are not well developed. The ball stays an important toy through the first years. As attention to the more distant environment is developed with the Glove puppet, we want the infant to start to move out into space. Watching the ball roll away, the infant is motivated to move into space and since the ball doesn't roll very far, the infant usually succeeds and is motivated to keep playing with distance, reaching, scooting and crawling toward things they see and want.           

Baby Doll: which baby doesn't enjoy a doll? The high contrast, doll with stitched edges and features provide the infant with plenty of opportunities to explore, examine and compare and thus practice many key developmental and visual goals of infancy.

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